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Why should you care VoIP vulnerability?

VoIP security is an important aspect that you must consider constantly. Even a single second of negligence can cause trouble regarding VoIP vulnerability. You should never see "being careful" as a waste of time.

VoIP vulnerability refers to problems that could compromise your company's communication network. If your network is open to threats, you will encounter many security problems, such as DDoS attacks.

why shoul dyou care voip vulnerability

Why should you pay attention to VoIP vulnerability?

Security should be your top priority as long as there is an internet connection. VoIP allows you to make calls over the internet. Naturally, you want all the information you share to remain confidential, no matter what circumstances apply to your company.

As cyber security attacks increase, your data is more likely to be compromised than before. When you experience a data breach, the loss you will suffer may be much more than anticipated. Because your company's reputation is weakened.

The old days are gone now. Communication with standard telephone lines gave way to VoIP. If you care about your company's communications efforts, you should be prepared for potentially problematic situations such as VoIP vulnerability.

Top 6 VoIP vulnerabilities

When you think of VoIP vulnerability, options such as malware or spam may come to mind. Even though these options are vulnerabilities, it should not be ignored that attackers use various methods to infiltrate the system.

  • SPIT: It stands for spam over internet telephony. It is generally related to spam calls. Marketing and advertising calls are prime examples. In SPIT attempts, all calls are made automatically.

  • Vishing: It usually spoofs calls from a particular corporate place. Attackers make telephone calls to request personal information. Vishing methods can be complicated to confuse the victim.

  • VOMIT: A type of VoIP vulnerability that targets misconfigured and weakly-secured networks. It is a simple plan for spam or identity theft attacks. After the system is infiltrated, other methods are implemented.

  • Call tampering: It refers to unauthorized access to a phone call made over VoIP. The data of the call can be captured during the transfer. It is also possible to record a call without permission at the destination.

  • Toll fraud: It is a type of fraud that targets international calls. After the attackers infiltrate a VoIP network, they start calling premium rate numbers. They reflect the entire cost of the calls to the network owner.

  • DDoS attacks: It is a type of attack in which the VoIP network is busy through the heavy traffic generated. The network becomes almost entirely unusable. Even a few seconds of service interruption can cause the company to suffer losses.

Suppose you are not using a VoIP firewall. In that case, you allow malware and viruses to infiltrate the network. Because of the lack of security, VoIP vulnerability becomes a bigger problem for you.

How to fix the most popular VoIP vulnerabilities?

Once you know the situations that may pose problems for VoIP vulnerability, you can focus on how to address them. Each threat is different. Naturally, you need additional efforts to eliminate threats.

How to stop SPIT in VoIP?

It is not possible to completely prevent SPIT attacks. To avoid such attacks, you should find a VoIP service that prioritizes security. You should resort to modern firewalls or advanced options like Frafos' solutions.

SPIT attacks proceed through various schemes. If you are one of the victims drawn into the scheme, you will have to contend with costly international calls. For this reason, you should never ignore security.

How to prevent vishing?

VoIP-based phishing attacks are carried out via voice messages. It should be noted that it is a fraudulent method. It is not possible to completely prevent vishing attacks. However, solutions such as spam number detection can be built.

The most effective method against vishing attacks is to use verified searches. You can support your network security with solutions such as a database that collects Caller ID and spam numbers in a pool. In this way, you protect your sensitive information.

How to stop VOMIT in VoIP?

You need to encrypt incoming and outgoing calls to solve the VOMIT problem. You should make this a priority when choosing a VoIP service provider. If the service provider you select does not have encryption, go for alternatives.

It is possible to eavesdrop on all data on your network if your data is not encrypted. Attackers do this by collecting data packets. When the data is encrypted, it will be difficult and time-consuming to decrypt, even if the packets are intercepted.

How to fix call tampering?

When faced with a call tampering attack, the first thing you should do is contact your service provider. You should have developed a plan taking into account all the calls. You should take care to use encryption on your network.

All communication transmitted over your VoIP network must be encrypted. All IP phones must have authentication. When you implement the essential security solutions, it will be much easier to overcome the call tampering problem.

How to prevent toll fraud?

VoIP fraud is one of the most common VoIP threats and is implemented using the toll fraud method. To take precautions against toll fraud attacks, you should pay attention to international calling services. Also, only offer this to selected private customers.

Create timed rules for international callings. Pay extra attention, especially to out-of-hours use. If you use Intuitive Labs' monitoring solutions, you will have a deep insights to tackle with VoIP vulnerability.

How to deal with malware and viruses?

You should always think ahead if you want to protect your VoIP network against malware and virus threats. You should never compromise security controls. Stick to the security practices plan you develop. If necessary, you should seek additional support.

If you fail to protect your network from security threats, you may infect it with malware. Once the malware infects your system, it can use it as a hub. It allows attackers to monitor new attacks and communications on your network.

How to prevent DDoS attacks?

You need to detect DDoS attacks early. This step is the simplest way to fix the problem. In case of a potential attack, you can use a system that can intervene for you. So you can resist attacks even without active monitoring.

DDoS attacks can be very sophisticated. It isn't easy to keep everything under control. The VoIP service provider must have advanced security measures to resist attacks. Frafos' security solutions, such as ABC SBC, is an ideal example.

Don't neglect security to prevent VoIP vulnerability

As a result, tackling VoIP vulnerability is now a must for you. In the age of technology, it has changed its approach to communication as much as possible. It is an affordable and more practical communication solution for companies.

Call quality can always be your priority in your VoIP network. However, you should not underestimate the security risks. Leaking sensitive information is not something you want. You should endeavor to take the necessary precautions to protect VoIP calls from VoIP vulnerability.

Your priority should be your safety. For this, you should take care in choosing a quality VoIP service. After that, you should learn about top VoIP security vulnerabilities to secure VoIP phone systems.

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