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Extend your VoIP SIP-based infrastructure with WebRTC clients

ABC WebRTC Gateway

What Is It for?

The ABC WebRTC provides all the features of the ABC SBC  gateway and in addition connects WebRTC clients in a transparent manner.

The gateway anchors signaling and media and performs translation between different standards for WebRTC and SIP, particularly security, codecs and signaling protocols.

The ABC WebRTC gateway is a software based solution that can be either deployed as part of the ABC SBC or as a standalone solution. The ABC WebRTC gateway functions as a virtualized or on-the-box software solution.

WebRTC Standards Support

Transcoding of audio codec including OPUS to G.711

Routing audio codec including G.711 and OPUS

Routing of video codec including VP8

Media security using SRTP for secure real-time media transmission

Exchange of security keys using DTLS and SDES

Signaling security using TLS

NAT traversal using STUN, ICE and TURN

SIP over WebSocket


The FRAFOS solution provides the following advantages:


Non-disruptive Integration

Even though the solution is based on WebRTC, the call centre itself does not have to support WebRTC.


Cloud Ready

The FRAFOS components are provided as a software solution that can be used on dedicated hardware, installed in a hosted system or run over a cloud technology such as Amazon or openstack.

Elegant Abstract Background


The FRAFOS solution can scale from a few calls up to thousands of concurrent calls using the same software. This enables our customers to grow without the worry of having to start with an over dimensioned system.


The FRAFOS “Call Me” button is a customizable application that is easily integrated into any web site. The online shop can determine the look of the button as well as the destination to be called. See our trial site for an example.

Deployment Scenarios


By clicking the “Call Me” button, the customer can start audio and video calls to the online shop call centre. After establishing a WebRTC call with the FRAFOS WebRTC gateway, the FRAFOS WebRTC gateway will then establish a VoIP call to the shop’s call centre using the widely used Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Beside establishing a call, information about the customer and the web page from which the call was initiated is transmitted. This information can then be provided to the shop’s call centre using open interfaces such as XML RPC.

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