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VoIP Service Provider


The ABC SBC is the ideal solution for service providers that need to cover a wide range of scenarios including fixed, mobile, wholesale and cloud networks.


Secure Peering


The ABC SBC connects your network to one or more service providers in a secure and flexible manner. Using separate adaption profiles, the behavior of the ABC SBC can be adjusted to meet the security, interoperability and routing policies of each peering partner. Thereby the ABC SBC enables different transport and encryption protocols, supports overlapping address spaces and independent routing rules and tables with different peers.

Central Monitoring

Multiple SBCs are often used to scale the performance or cover different market segments or locations. The ABC SBC Management and monitoring solution vastly simplifies the process of software upgrade and configuration by bundling the management in a central location. The monitoring features enable the service provider to detect anomalous behavior, check consistency of CDR statistics, investigate interoperability issues and collect, display and analyze traffic traces.

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Load Balancing

Using Round-Robin or Priority-based distribution, the ABC SBC balances signaling and media traffic to a cluster of servers. Such a cluster can consist of the SBCs of a peering partner, PSTN gateways or telephony servers. The ABC SBC monitors the availability of all members of a cluster and temporarily blacklists failed members.

Abstract Shapes


Reply to you customers with an announcement at the border of the network. The ABC SBC can reject calls to unknown users, make a general announcement to all users or inform users about the lack of balance on their pre-paid account by playing a customizable announcement. This can be done by the ABC SBC itself and would save the need for a dedicated announcement server.

License Pool

Distribute your licenses among different ABC SBC instances in a manner so as to adapt to the load in different locations and time of day. Especially in a cloud environment, the number of instances and their location might need to be adapted to cover varying load and requirements. With the License pool feature of the ABC SBC, service providers can pay for the actually used total number of licenses  and be ready to accommodate sudden high demands in a dynamic manner.

Use Cases


Secure VoIP Peering Use Case


Flexible and Secure Trunking

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