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The ABC Platform is developed as an eco-system that is designed to provide high security, deep insight, be easy to manage and still cover a wide range of scenarios.

The ABC SBC is the core component of the ABC Platform. As the basis for a rich service the ABC SBC can be extended with WebRTC functionalities and announcement and recording applications.  The Cluster Configuration Manager enables  flexible management of the Platform. The ABC Monitor rounds the platform up with an intuitive and deep level monitoring functionality.  


Rule-based Processing

With each incoming message the ABC platform needs to decide whether to forward, drop, manipulate the packet or possibly execute some other action.

This process is based on rules that are structured in the form of: If condition then action. A condition takes the similar form of a regular expression that can be applied to different parts of a SIP message including the different headers, SDP or IP address. The action can be to forward the message, drop it, reformat parts of it or do some logging.

In order to be able to accommodate the needs and requirements of heterogeneous senders and receivers, the ABC platform distinguishes between three types of rules:



Process, manipulate and control incoming traffic



Decide on outgoing destination and interface



Process, manipulate and control outgoing traffic

Extendable Architecture

The ABC platform is designed to be more than a session border controller. With an update of the license and an upload of the new license through the management GUI, the ABC SBC can perform additional features:

WebRTC Gateway

With this additional functionality, the ABC Platform can act as the transition point between WebRTC communication sessions and SIP based end devices and servers. Security and routing rules that might be used in the SBC structure can be just as well applied to WebRTC communication.

Announcement Server

Beside the capability of simply dropping an incoming call or rejecting, the ABC Platform also provides the option of answering to incoming calls using an announcement. The announcements can be determined by our customers and arranged in an IVR functionality that can be navigated using DTMS tones. 


Whether for quality assurance or compliance to regulations, there is often the need to record a call. The ABC Platform enables recording in one of two ways: The ABC platform can record the media and signaling by itself and save the recorded data in database. Another option is to work with a SIPREC capable recording solutions. In this case, the ABC Platform would communicate with the recording solution using the SIPREC protocol.

Image by Ramón Salinero

Centralized Management

  • Configure and control multiple SBCs from a central location

  • Always accessible from anywhere

  • Fine-grained configuration settings

  • Importing backups



Real-time monitoring of all calls


Early detection of attacks


Journal analyses

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