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About Us

In today’s demanding communications environment, requirement are constantly changing as new applications are deployed daily. These challenges can only be met with an innovative, reliable and flexible VoIP infrastructure. FRAFOS has managed to combine these attributes into a secure and field-proven solution.

Founded in 2010, with offices in Berlin and Prague, FRAFOS has become a leading provider of VoIP Security solutions for the public sector in Germany.


FRAFOS’s WebRTC and session control solutions enable enterprises, service providers and governmental institutions to securely build and operate all-IP voice networks for delivering trusted unified communications, contact centers, and hosted business services, whether in the cloud or on premises.


Since the release of the ABC SBC, FRAFOS has collected more than 100 customers ranging from small enterprises to second tier service providers. Since 2019, the Secunet (SBC), developed in cooperation with Secunet has become the default SBC solution for security aware public institutions in Germany.



Dr. Dorgham Sisalem


With 30 years of experience in the VoIP market, Dorgham, as a researcher at Fraunhofer Fokus, has not only contributed to the theory and research behind the development of VoIP but also to the roll-out of large commercial VoIP services while at Oracle. Before founding FRAFOS, Dorgham  established and developed the successful VoIP startups iptelorg (acquired by Tekelec) and iptego (acquired by AcmePacket). 


Raphael Coeffic


As a researcher at Fraunhofer Fokus, Raphael wrote the first line of code of what has later become the ABC SBC. At Tekelec and Oracle he was involved in the development and roll-out high performance SIP routing solutions. As a co-founder of FRAFOS and first employee, Raphael is responsible for the architecture and technology behind the FRAFOS products.


Stefan Sayer


As a member of the founding team of FRAFOS, Stefan contributed to the software and business development of FRAFOS. Prior to FRAFOS, Stefan worked as a developer, software architect and consultant at Fraunhofer Fokus and iptego. At FRAFOS, Stefan is leading the consultancy activities of FRAFOS in the public sector.


Vladimír Marek


After acting as tester, developer and manager at Tekelec, Vlada has assumed the role of support and testing manager at FRAFOS. With his team, Vlada ensures that the our customers are well served and the FRAFOS software is thoroughly tested. 



After completing her Masters degree at the University of Bath in International Management, Juliana took over the role of business operations and marketing manager at FRAFOS. Juliana is the contact point for our customers when it comes to operational, organisational and financial questions.  

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