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6 best encrypted VoIP apps

Most messaging apps facilitate text-based communication. When it comes to VoIP calls, very few offer encrypted calls. Therefore, encrypted VoIP apps are valuable.

Standard applications with VoIP support collect personal data in the background. Your data may be exposed when you do not use the encrypted VoIP app. No one should neglect data security and privacy.

What are the best encrypted VoIP apps?

encrypted voip apps

If you take your privacy seriously, you need encrypted conversations. It is unwise to use a non-encrypted VoIP application. Luckily, there are now multiple applications that meet these needs of users.


Telegram is a free communication application. For some, it is more social media than a communication app. You need a phone number to start using the app.

The "Secret Chats" feature makes Telegram stand out among the encrypted VoIP apps. This feature ensures that all calls are made with end-to-end encryption. Telegram states that it does not log even in itself.

Telegram's downside is that it doesn't extend end-to-end encryption to standard VoIP calls. "Secret Chats" must be used to take advantage of the encrypted calls.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a cloud-based phone system. It allows you to manage communication channels more comprehensively. Their plans are a favorite of many people looking for only a few features because of their low cost.

Google Voice is an option in encrypted VoIP apps. It encrypts all data and conversations with TLS technology. Also, it has many customizable aspects, including unlimited call support.

You can easily access the Google Voice feature if you use Google Workspace. You can make and receive calls in an encrypted way and manage all communication easily without any problems.


Signal is an entirely privacy-oriented communication application. It encrypts everything from the start, including VoIP communications. Even IP addresses can be hidden when the "Always Relay Calls" feature in the app is activated.

Signal is the most secure option among encrypted VoIP apps. End-to-end encryption is enabled by default. Even the developers don't have any chance to read the texts or listen to the conversations.

Signal will be the right VoIP choice if you want security to be at the forefront. You may experience delays in conversations, but they are very seldom. As long as you can tolerate them, it's a hassle-free application.


Element is a compelling communication application that stands out with its security features. It is an ideal solution, especially for corporate companies, as it can offer more control over conversations within the company.

Element should be seen as something other than an encrypted VoIP app because it includes many in-line. It however requires some technical knowledge to thoroughly take advantage of its features.

While a powerful tool, Element is more suited for enterprise communication.


Viber is one of the most feature-packed communication apps. You can send messages or call your friends through the application. It maintains call quality even when your connection speed is very slow.

Viber encrypted VoIP app has features that can satisfy those who want to make calls. It hides all call data thanks to its encryption feature. So you don't have to worry about privacy.

You can make calls anywhere worldwide as long as you have an internet connection. Your connection must be good if you want to make a video call.


Linphone is a secure application that supports all text and voice calls. Most communication takes place over VoIP. In addition to individual calls, you can also make group calls.

Linphone appeals to all users looking for an encrypted VoIP app. You don't have to worry about privacy when handling multiple calls simultaneously.

Conclusion: Support encrypted VoIP apps with a VPN

Encrypted messaging is essential for those who want to use private chat options or send private SMS messages. The value to VoIP users is to ensure that calls are secured with encrypted voice.

Telegram, Google Voice, Signal, Viber, and Linphone can offer you an encrypted VoIP solution. Your VoIP communications always remain secure. Even the developers cannot access personal data.

Of all the apps, only Signal allows you to hide your IP address. Consider using a reliable VPN to secure your messaging, voice and video calls with the right apps, as other apps don't have such a feature.

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