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360° Cloud-Ready VoIP-Security

VoIP security, WebRTC Gateway, EAL4+ certified SBC und Zero Trust VoIP Monitor 


Reliable protection for your virtualized VoIP infrastructure:

  • Denial of Service (DoS)

  • Service Interruption

  • Fraud

Leading institutions rely on the FRAFOS VoIP Security Platform:

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VoIP security for the highest security requirements

Security breaches cost companies billions of euros every year. The FRAFOS VoIP Security Platform offers companies, VoIP and call center service providers and public authorities a comprehensive portfolio to protect their voice, video and data communications against fraud and denial of service.

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The ABC SBC not only offers secure session border control, encryption, signaling mediation and reliable call/MS Teams routing, but also pioneering media server applications for individual requirements

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Highest Security:
Secunet SBC

The Secunet SBC is the only SBC certified by the BSI. It meets the highest security requirements (EAL4+) and is recommended for VS-NfD protection - certified firewall combined with robust hardware and software for maximum security.

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VoIP / SIP Gateway

The ABC WebRTC Gateway is a software-based solution that can be used as a standalone solution. The ABC WebRTC Gateway offers all the functions of the ABC SBC and easily connects WebRTC clients with each other.


VoIP Security

Secure the Border of your VoIP Network


Rate Limiting

Limit the number of parallel calls and call attempts as well as the bandwidth used by the media streams.


Content Control

Filter the content of incoming SIP messages and drop messages that contain suspicious content.


Topology Hiding

Hide all information related to the VoIP internal structure such as IP addresses of media servers or SIP registrars.


Media Control

Reject media packets that do not conform to the type that was signaled in the session establishment.

VoIP Realtime-Monitoring 

With the ABC Monitor and the Zero Trust Monitor, FRAFOS offers companies, service providers and authorities reliable tools for preventing quality problems and gaining a complete overview of call statistics, error cases and anomalies.

Real-time Look at Your Network


The ABC Monitor provides administrators with an interactive view of user activity based on real-time usage report data collected from the ABC SBC / WebRTC gateways, including trend analysis, analysis of short and long-term usage patterns, troubleshooting, server policy review and identification of abusive usage.


The ABC Monitor provides the operator of the ABC SBC and the ABC WebRTC gateway with a comprehensive overview of the performance of the VoIP infrastructure and alerts them in the event of failures.

Zero Trust VoIP Security Monitor

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The Zero Trust Monitor solves the dilemma between user privacy and VoIP monitoring of usage behavior in the network by encrypting the data for the analysis and processing steps during the collection process.


Administrators and operators thus receive encrypted analyses, but have the necessary tools at hand to ensure optimum protection of the network.

Automatic alarms to secure your system


Too frequent calls


Too short calls


Too frequent auth failure


Too many IPs hidden behind an URI


Too many URIs behind an IP


Changing location


Poor failure ratio





& Alarms


Network Connectivity


& Reports


& Filters


System &
Realm Statistics


The FRAFOS solution provides the following advantages:


Non-disruptive Integration

Even though the solution is based on WebRTC, the call centre itself does not have to support WebRTC.


Cloud Ready

The FRAFOS components are provided as a software solution that can be used on dedicated hardware, installed in a hosted system or run over a cloud technology such as Amazon or openstack.

Cloud or hardware: Your choice

Whether already on the cloud or planning to move to it, the ABC platform was designed to function in all environments. The ABC platform is provided as software solution that can be deployed on off the shelf hardware, VM, container or cloud environment.

Why leading institutions rely on FRAFOS

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easybell has been working with FRAFOS for several years now. FRAFOS has always been very responsive to our needs and those of our customers. The partnership with FRAFOS has enabled us to implement new features quickly and maintain our ambitious growth trajectory thanks to the impressive scaling capabilities of the ABC SBC.

Martin Huth, CTO easybell GmbH


Find out how FRAFOS makes your VoIP infrastructure and services more secure and arrange a free, no-obligation discovery call or your personal live demo.

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