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Cloud Ready VoIP Security

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ABC SBC Platform was designed to address the needs of operators and service providers planning to migrate their VoIP infrastructure to a cloud based solution.


Whether moving to a virtualised environment of a cloud solution such as AWS, the ABC SBC integrates seamlessly session border control in an enterprise environment on top of the used VoIP solution platform.


Protect Against Fraud and Denial of Service

Security breaches cost enterprises billions of dollars each year. Using dynamic blacklisting, grey and white listing, configurable policy rules, rate limiting and encryption, the ABC SBC is helping our customers to protect their infrastructure, reduce the risks and losses from fraud and keeping their data secure and private.  

Your Reach

With WebRTC


WebRTC technology provides a secure and flexible solution for enabling real-time communication for every device everywhere. The ABC WebRTC Gateway establishes a link between WebRTC solutions and SIP based infrastructure. This not only extends the reach of a SIP based PBX but also enables WebRTC clients to reach any traditional phone and video conference server as well.

Reduce the Time to
Analyze Quality Issues

Securing a system means knowing the system first. The ABC Monitor provides not an only overall overview of call statistics, error cases and geographic distribution of calls. It also enables a deep dive into each call to understand quality issues and failure situations.

Centrally Manage Your  Infrastructure

Whether for scalability, high availability or functionality, different SBCs might be needed. The FRAFOS Cluster Configuration Manager (CCM) enables the management of multiple SBCs from a central location. The CCM manages the software life cycle as well as the configuration and updates of multiple SBCs in a flexible manner.


Certified EAL4+ SBC

In cooperation with Secunet the FRAFOS based SecunetSBC is the only SBC certified by the BSI to provide the protection needed by the highest governmental institutions. Combining a certified firewall solution and rigidized hardware and software the SecunetSBC is designed for customers with the highest needs for security.  


Cloud or hardware: Your choice

Whether already on the cloud or planning to move to it, the ABC platform was designed to function in all environments. The ABC platform is provided as software solution that can be deployed on off the shelf hardware, VM, container or cloud environment.



Why leading institutions rely on FRAFOS

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easybell has been working with FRAFOS for several years now. FRAFOS has always been very responsive to our needs and those of our customers. The partnership with FRAFOS has enabled us to implement new features quickly and maintain our ambitious growth trajectory thanks to the impressive scaling capabilities of the ABC SBC.

Martin Huth, CTO easybell GmbH
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