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What is the SBC VoIP gateway?

What is the SBC VoIP gateway? Companies are willing to abandon standard PSTN solutions and turn to VoIP solutions. However, the biggest obstacle in front of them is the cost of the hardware required. The SBC VoIP gateway eliminates this barrier.

Migrating an old network to a completely new one is very expensive. When companies want to use VoIP systems, they use a VoIP gateway to reduce costs. They turn to SBC VoIP gateway solutions to ensure their communication networks are extra secure.

What is a VoIP gateway?

A VoIP gateway is a hardware that allows telephone traffic to be transmitted over the Internet. It does this by converting transmitted telephone traffic into data packets. VoIP gateway should not be confused with the hardware called ATA. ATA only allows conversion to a single phone.

Unlike ATA, the VoIP gateway supports hundreds of simultaneous calls. VoIP gateway can be in two different forms, analog and digital. Integrated session border controller (SBC) solutions are used to secure the VoIP gateway.

The functioning of the VoIP gateway is quite simple. It first examines its code to decode the signal used for transmission over the PSTN. The incoming call transmitted over the PSTN is encoded to be used as IP over the VoIP gateway. Thus, VoIP call traffic occurs.

What is SBC for VoIP networks?

SBC stands for session border controller and is used in VoIP networks. It is responsible for the security of the data transferred during communication. It differs from standard firewalls even if it is located at the network boundary. Its goal is to ensure the safety of the data flow.

SBC can be used through protocols such as SIP (session initiation protocol) and H.323. Since it controls the communication signal in VoIP networks, it may suddenly cut the signal due to security measures. SBC is one of the rare solutions that have the power to change the flow of calls.

It is necessary to make a good distinction between SBC and firewall. The firewall examines the packets and controls access to the network at the layer level according to specific rules. SBC, on the other hand, has a dynamic structure that can keep real-time communication under control and is more effective than a firewall.

Why is the SBC VoIP gateway important?

SBC VoIP gateway reduces communication costs but also protects your network from VoIP attacks. In addition to being a cost-effective solution, this hardware is often designed to facilitate deployment. It eliminates the additional costs required for the establishment of the communication network.

Why use an SBC VoIP gateway? The most important reason is cost and safety. When the company wants to switch the entire office to VoIP, it faces high costs. Many different expenses arise, like new phones. Also, the network's security with SBC should be considered.

It may not make much sense for a company that used to work the old-fashioned way to switch to VoIP entirely. For this reason, many companies set up a hybrid structure using VoIP gateways with SBC support. So they return to PSTN when needed.

How much do you need to invest in the SBC VoIP gateway?

The amount you must pay for the SBC VoIP gateway is highly variable. First, you need to decide on the call potential you need. You should consider the maximum number of calls you can receive simultaneously. Then you can decide on the right brand for the VoIP gateway.

  • Call load: Whatever VoIP gateway you choose, it should be able to support the required amount of calls. Consider the number of calls expected to come in and the number of calls out of the company. Then add 25-50% to this figure.

  • Protocol support: You should consider signaling protocols for VoIP calls. SIP and H.323 are the most popular protocols. Naturally, the SBC VoIP gateway you will buy should support these protocols.

  • Compatibility: VoIP gateway distracts you from costly setups but still requires some configuration. The ports on the hardware you will use during installation must be compatible with the private branch exchange hardware.

  • Potential cost: Many factors determine the possible price when purchasing a VoIP gateway. Gateway type, features, and capacity are the most important ones. When choosing, you need to focus on the solution that will meet your needs.

  • Brand: When purchasing a VoIP gateway, you should turn to reliable brands. Sangoma, Patton, AudioCodes, and Mediatrix are the most experienced brands. You should choose the most suitable brand according to your budget.

In the world of communication, many businesses now prefer VoIP solutions. The high demand for a VoIP gateway is that it can offer a VoIP experience without changing existing communication equipment. SBC VoIP gateway is essential for the security of communication.

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