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FRAFOS ABC SBC Release 5.1 Available

After the major shift to containers in 5.0, 5.1 comes with many quality improvements, and incorporates the feedback we received from our customers and users.

Some of the changes include improving the security of the ABC SBC installation by migrating to 7.0 Redis and introducing authentication between HA mates. On the Monitor side, the monitoring of the status of the used elastic search and logstash platforms was improved.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support or inquire about our consulting services to help you with the transition.

Here are the full release notes:


• It is possible to optionally set root user password during initial config, or manually using new “sbc-passwd” command. The root user password is persistent if persistent /data is used, restored on new container start automatically and also included in backups. Also the root home directory inside the container is now moved to /data/root, to allow persistence e.g. when using ssh keys.

• The sbc-checknet service was removed. If checking for network packet errors is needed, it has to be done on container host side, where all the related network statistics counters are available.

• The saving of signaling traffic to rotating PCAP files is disabled by default. Can be enabled in global config if needed.

• There is newer version of redis (7.x) used now on SBC.

• CCM GUI security hardening.

• There is a new optional method of configuration transfer from CCM to SBC, that allows to push the config from CCM to SBC node(s) on demand. During initial config it is selected, if particular node will be getting config from CCM automatically using the config pull method, or if config will be pushed from CCM to it.

• Compatibility option for Secunet SBC was introduced.

• The “local templates” that allow custom changes to configuration templates in specific cases were moved to /data/local-templates directory, to allow persistence across container replacement.

• Starting with 5.1 release the OCI containers are GPG signed.

• Added support for authentication between HA mates on IMI interface.

• Re-registration of RegAgent can be triggered per registration agent manually.

• Swagger API documentation is available from CCM GUI Help menu.

• There are new GUI option fields for TLS certificates used between ABC SBC and ABC Monitor.

• It is possible to import TLS certificates from TLS profiles for CCM sections like LDAP or “CCM to SBC authentication”.

• There is a new action “Disable SDP Media”. It disables a media based on regular expression on it or its attributes.

• Added “Apply on” and “Only on reply codes” parameters into “Set Contact-URI host” action. By setting these parameters, it is possible for example to control the “Contact” header on relayed 302 replies.

• SBC should try to keep using old SDES tag on re-invite or late o/a.

• SBC can be configured to allow relaying 503 responses as they are. The default behavior is changing 503 to 500.

• SBC newly rejects SDP containing an empty line.


• New notification bar was introduced to report possible problems with logstash and elasticsearch. the bar also shows download operations while downloading exported data.

• Added logstash and elasticsearch heartbeat to check every 30 seconds if services are running.

• It is possible to configure TLS certificate and key for GUI access and for receiving events via ABC Monitor GUI Settings.

• The ABC Monitor option to enable receiving events from ABC SBC 4.1 release was removed. It can accept events from ABC SBC release 4.2 and up.

• Monitor GUI security hardening.

• “ASR over time” graph was removed and the ASR value is shown as a part of “Events over time” chart.

• Selected graphs allow switching between absolute and relative values.

• Monitor uses default settings for logs which comes together with logstash and elasticsearch. The Settings options to tune log files size were removed.

• Table columns selection, types selection and chart’s custom settings are persistent for a user.

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