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ABC Monitor

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Through the ABC Monitor the operator of the ABC SBC and ABC WebRTC gateway can have an elaborate overview of the performance of the VoIP infrastructure and be alerted to failures. The ABC Monitor collects data close-to-real-time from inside of the ABC Session Border Controller. This way, users of the Monitor get direct view of unencrypted VoIP data, SBC policy decisions and call-flows in networks where use of topology hiding makes correlating call legs difficult. Monitor’s knowledge of the ABC-defined topology also allows automated evaluation of performance at Call Agent level.The ABC Monitor provides the following information:

  • Call statistics such as number of call attempts and call establishments
  • List of all calls with statistics such as call duration
  • List of events generated by the ABC SBC and WebRTC gateway that indicate the start of recording or PCAP trace collection
  • Call flow sequences showing all messages related to some call with the possibility of displaying the details of any message from the sequence
  • List of blacklisted SIP traffic sources 

The ABC Monitor was developed as a flexible and easy to use monitoring platform that enables:

  • Viewing the information from different ABC SBC instances
  • Top lists of monitored information so as to provide a quick overview of worst offenders and largest issues
  • Overview and detailed information of each collected event
  • Filtering capabilities to narrow down  events consecutively to those relating to an operational issue