ABC WebRTC Gateway


WebRTC is an exciting new technology that enables integrating real time applications such as VoIP or video conferencing directly into the browser. By deploying WebRTC it is possible to make Browser-2-browser video calls for example without requiring extra applications or proprietary plug-ins.

As a result, users can click-to-dial a company representative, easily access video-telephony from within other web applications and receive calls from any web-browser, be it on their PC, smartphone or Internet café.

All of that while enjoying confidentiality widely available to consumers as never before in telephony’s history. Both analog and digital telephony were inherently insecure, mobile telephony secured at least the wireless hop, yet rather weekly. SIP’s security protocols, PGP, S/MIME and Identity desperately failed to be adopted. With webrtc, we have proven web-based cryptographic protocols that just work!

The ABC WebRTC gateway is the missing piece that connects web-clients to the SIP telephony in a transparent manner. The gateway anchors signaling and media and performs translation between different standards for WebRTC and SIP, particularly security, codecs and signaling protocols.

The ABC WebRTC gateway is a software based solution that can be either deployed as part of the ABC SBC or as a standalone solution. The ABC WebRTC gateway functions as a virtualized or on-the-box software solution.

The ABC WebRTC gateway provides the following features:

  • WebRTC standards support
  • GUI based management
  • System and network monitoring
  • Border security
  • SNMP V2 alarms and status information
  • High availability using active/hot standby mode.

WebRTC Standards Support

  • Routing audio codec including G.711 and OPUS.
  • Transcoding of audio codec including OPUS to G.711.
  • Routing of video codec including VP8.
  • Media security using SRTP for secure real-time media transmission.
  • Exchange of security keys using DTLS and SDES
  • Signaling security using TLS
  • SIP over WebSocket
  • NAT traversal using STUN, ICE and TURN

GUI-based Management

The ABC WebRTC gateway provides the administrator with an easy to use GUI for

  • Defining routing handling policies.
  • Define security and message manipulation rules
  • Monitoring network and system statistics.
  • System configuration and management

Border Security

In order to secure the borders of VoIP providers, the ABC WebRTC gateway provides the following security features:

  • Rate limiting: In order to protect against DoS attacks, calls arriving above a certain threshold can be either rejected or simply dropped.
  • Parallel call control: In order to prevent misuse and fraud the ABC WebRTC gateway can use either a general limit or a per enterprise value to detect excess calls.
  • Topology hiding: All information related to the operator’s internal structure such as PSTN gateways or SIP proxies are anonymized by the ABC WebRTC gateway just before forwarding any messages outside the operator’s network.
  • Media control: Besides controlling the signaling information, the ABC WebRTC gateway offers different features for securing the exchange of media data:
    • Codec control: The ABC WebRTC gateway can refuse calls requesting media codecs that are not allowed in the operator’s network
    • Rate limiting: Traffic received in excess of certain limits can be rejected.

System and Network Monitoring

Through the management GUI the operator of the ABC WebRTC gateway can have an elaborate overview of the performance of the VoIP infrastructure and be alerted to failures.

The monitoring interface of the ABC WebRTC gateway provides the following information:

  • Call statistics such as number of successful/failed calls
  • General statistics such as used bandwidth, memory and CPU
  • List of active calls and the possibility to terminate an active call
  • The possibility to collect PCAP traces of both signaling and media information of certain calls
  • Call flow sequences showing all messages related to some call with the possibility of displaying the details of any message from the sequence
  • The collected statistics can also be exported using SNMP.

Media Applications

The ABC WebRTC gateway provides a built-in programmable and open media server platform for supporting announcements and real-time web applications.

  • Announcements: The ABC WebRTC gateway can be used to generate announcements directly on the border of the network
  • Transcoding: ABC WebRTC gateway platform offers software based transcoding with support of OPUS, G711u/a, G726, GSM, iLBC, L16, G722, Speex, G729 and G729a/b codecs. Codecs G729 and G729a/b are subject to patent licenses.

Due to the open interfaces of the ABC WebRTC gateway it is possible to rapidly introduce new applications that are customized to the needs of the operator.

Open Interfaces

The ABC SBC offers RESTfull interfaces that enable a smooth integration with application service platforms. Over its open interfaces a provider can control different features such as

  • Routing: Offload complex and customized routing logic to an external environment.
  • Authentication: Authenticate and register users already on the border of the network.
  • Announcements: Control which announcement should be played when.