4.1. Types of Installations: Hardware-based, Virtualized, and Cloud-basedΒΆ

The FRAFOS ABC SBC product is mainly distributed as a software based solution.

For trial and testing purposes, a virtual machine image with preinstalled software and pre-configured basic rules is available. The virtual machine image can be imported into any suitable virtualisation software in OVF and VMX format. For low traffic deployments and with a proper dimensioning, it can also be used in production.

The ABC SBC VM image can be downloaded from the FRAFOS web site.

FRAFOS also offers an Amazon cloud based solution where the ABC SBC and ABC Monitor is running as an instance in AWS (EC2). This is by far the fastest installation, the software can be started by several clicks. See Sections Amazon Elastic Cloud Configuration Cookbook and ABC Monitor Installation Off AWS (optional).

FRAFOS can also provide a hardware based solution with preinstalled ABC SBC software on a reference hardware, see Hardware Requirements for more details.

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