6.2. Server Administration

If maintannace of the server running ABC SBC is needed, it is possible to restart the server from the gui. There are the following buttons on Server Administration screen, accessible using the “System ‣ Administration“ link:

  • Shutdown: performs soft shutdown of the server.
  • Restart: performs soft restart of the server.
  • Halt: performs halt of the server (meaning the same as shutdown, but with no power off at the end).
  • Standby: if running as HA pair, it puts the node to standby mode. In this mode the HA resources (VIP addresses, routes) and signalling application are stopped on the node, and moved to the other active node.
  • Unstandby: if running as HA pair, puts the node back to normal mode, if was put to “stanby” mode previously.

If running in HA pair, these actions take effect on the server where the gui is being accessed.

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