4.9. ABC SBC License

By default, the FRAFOS ABC SBC is installed in a demo version, which is limited to 90 seconds call duration, does not include support for replication, high availability and extension packages. Enabling these features requires a license file. FRAFOS issues license files according to the agreement between FRAFOS and the customer. The license file enables features as shown in the table bellow:

Licensing Package Feature
transcoding action: “Activate Transcoding”
recording action: “Activate Audio Recording”
RTC interface: “websocket”
media server action: “refuse call with audio prompt”
high-availability background active/standby replication

Without proper licence set, the respective features are not executed. The license file has to be imported to the SBC using the ‘System ‣ License’ link. Using the ‘Browse’ button, the administrator selects the proper license file from the local disk. After applying the changes, the license file is automatically uploaded to the server and loaded.


Important: For a two nodes HA or cluster deployment, the license file has to be imported on all nodes.

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