4.8. Web Interface Access and User Accounts

ABC SBC web interface is available at the IP address of XMI (external management) interface
and can be accessed using https URL on port 443 like this:

Note: initially, before ABC SBC is configured, the configuration GUI web interface is accessible on all ip addresses configured on the system. Later, after SBC interfaces are configured in the GUI, it will be restricted only to XMI interface address.

For the main ABC SBC configuration access the XMI ip address of the SBC node which was selected to act as main configuration node previously. You can access also GUI web interface on the other SBC nodes not acting as the main configuration node, but only gui pages for local node configuration and for local node monitoring will be accessible there.

4.8.1. Default User Accounts

By default, there are two preconfigured user groups, each with one account.

Default user groups:

  • sbcusers - access to SBC related configuration (no rights to system configuration - networking, users, firewall etc.)
  • sbcadmins - access to all configuration

Default users:

  • sbcuser password: Sbc.User!
  • sbcadmin password: Admin.SbC1?
  • root - password equals to system root user

Important: It is highly recommended to change the default user accounts (remove the user completely or at least change password). Configuring the user data is described in the section User Accounts. This has to be done on all ABC SBC nodes.

For the first configuration, where also network interfaces, routing or firewall rules may be configured, use the user “sbcadmin” which has rights to access all configuration sections. Additional users can be configured as described in the section User Accounts.

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