4.6. Installation Procedure

In this section we describe the installation process of the ABC SBC software from the software repository of FRAFOS on a hardware platform with a pre-installed CentOS 7 release 7.4 (64bit) operating system.

Before installing ABC SBC, install the CentOS 7 64bit (x86_64 architecture) operating system. Use only the CentOS 7 release 7.4. and install only the basic set of packages.

FRAFOS ABC SBC is installed as a set of rpm packages for CentOS from the FRAFOS repository. In order to connect to the remote repository, the server has to have a working Internet connectivity.

Note that if the ABC SBC is to be used in HA pair mode then the procedure described here will have to be conducted on both servers.

In case of problems please contact the FRAFOS support at support@frafos.com

4.6.1. Repository Access and Configuration

Before accessing FRAFOS software repository, customers must obtain valid certified SSL credentials from FRAFOS customer support. When working with security credentials, please use company name (in example bellow “COMPANY” – replace with your company’s name) as file naming convention. Client Certificate

Obtaining valid repository credentials is a three-step process: 1) the administrator must generate SSH credentials, 2) obtain certificate from FRAFOS customer support and 3) install the certificates.

STEP 1) To create the SSH credentials run the following command:

% # generate SSH credentials
% openssl req -new -nodes -days 365 -out COMPANY_req.pem -keyout COMPANY_key.pem

The command will prompt for the following information:

  • Country Name
  • State (optional)
  • Locality Name (city)
  • Organisation Name (company)
  • Organisation Unit Name (optional)
  • Common Name (company name)
  • Email Address (company contact)
  • Challenge password (used in case of certificate revocation)

When all data is entered, the command will create two files: certificate request COMPANY_req.pem and key COMPANY_KEY.pem.

Store the key in the expected location using the following command:

% mkdir -p /etc/frafos/certs
% cp COMPANY_key.pem /etc/frafos/certs

STEP 2) Obtain certificate from FRAFOS customer support

Submit the certificate request created in previous step (COMPANY_req.PEM) by email to FRAFOS customer suppport at support@frafos.com. In response to your request, you will be emailed a “tarball” named “frafos_abcsbc_repo.tgz” that includes the requested certificate.

STEP 3) Install the certificates

Unpack the tarball on the ABC SBC host:

% # extract certificate archive
% tar zfx frafos_abcsbc_repo.tgz
% cd frafos_abcsbc_repo
% # start script that will place the credentials in /etc/frafos/certs and set rpm repositories
% ./frafos_abcsbc_repo.sh COMPANY

Important: The administrator has to copy the COMPANY_key.pem file to this “/etc/frafos/certs/” directory!

The certificate installation process is now complete. FRAFOS ABC SBC repository configuration is automatically set in “/etc/yum.repos.d/Frafos.repo” file. FRAFOS Repository Initialisation

Once the FRAFOS repositories are configured, the administrator has to update the CentOS package database on the system

% yum makecache

Install the “frafos-sbc-installer” package from Frafos repository using:

% yum install frafos-sbc-installer

FRAFOS provides three rpm repositories:

  • ABC SBC - the main repository with the ABC SBC rpm packages.
  • Mirror of CentOS 7 “base” rpm packages repository, which contains the whole set of CentOS 7 rpms (x84_64 and noarch architecture).
  • Mirror of CentOS 7 “updates” rpm packages repository. The updates released by CentOS are available using this repository as soon as they are verified by FRAFOS to not brake any basic ABC SBC functionality.

To do the ABC SBC installation, you have to use the ABC SBC repository. We highly recommend to use also the two CentOS “base” and “updates” repositories provided by FRAFOS and to disable the original CentOS repositories, to ensure no new rpm update package is installed before it is verified by FRAFOS. To disable the original CentOS repositores, issue the following commands:

% yum-config-manager --disable "CentOS-7 - Base"
% yum-config-manager --disable "CentOS-7 - Debuginfo"
% yum-config-manager --disable "CentOS-7 - Extras"
% yum-config-manager --disable "CentOS-7 - Updates"

Make sure that no other rpm repositories than the “FRAFOS CentOS 7 - Base”, “FRAFOS CentOS 7 - Updates” and “FRAFOS ABC SBC” are enabled. You can verify which rpm repositories are defined and which are enabled by command:

% yum repolist all

Make sure that the yum package manager is successfully updated with FRAFOS repository content (“frafos-sbc-...”)

Important: If the package database is not successfully updated (e.g. “could not get frafos-sbc-... info” error message is shown), then contact the FRAFOS support.

4.6.2. ABC SBC Package Installation

Important: Please check Sec. Hardware Specific Configurations before continuing the installation.

Call the command to install ABC SBC:

% sbc-install

The installation process installs all required packages from CentOS or FRAFOS repositories. The process may take several minutes.

For installation output details, administrator can check installation log files

% less /var/log/yum.log
% less /var/log/frafos/sbc-install.log

Important: In case of any error or problem during installation, contact FRAFOS support.

After ABC SBC is installed, make sure also all latest CentOS updates are installed by the following command:

% yum upgrade

Note: use this command only at the installation time, to make sure latest CentOS updates are installed. For any future updates, either of CentOS or of the ABC SBC, use only the “sbc-upgrade” command.