Secure Peering

While an increasing number of operators have already replaced their SS7 based telecommunication core network with a SIP based solution, the interconnection to neighboring partners is still often realized over an SS7 peering point. This means that a call that is carried over a VoIP network is translated to an SS7 call and then possibly back to VoIP again. The translation requires specialized components and resources, which increases the network operation costs and introduces unnecessary processing delay. To avoid these costs and delays operators have started introducing SIP based interconnection and peering points.

The ABC SBC enables VoIP service providers to establish a secure border to their neighbors by offering topology hiding, denial of service protection and mediation in a scalable manner

In terms of peering and interconnection, the ABC SBC offers the following features:

  • Topology hiding
  • Denial of Service and Overload Protection
  • Content Filtering
  • White and blacklists
  • Interoperability mediation
  • Header manipulations
  • Transport protocol translation
  • IPv4/IPv6 translation
  • Software based transcoding
  • High Capacity