Mobile Subscriber Integration

A major problem with mobile VoIP applications is that they need to be active to be able to receive an incoming call. This would however drain the phone’s battery.  In order to avoid having to keep the VoIP application active all the time but still ensure that the user is reachable, providers of smart phone operating systems offer push notification services. When a certain application at a smart phone is to be contacted a push notification service is used to wake up the application on the mobile.

For Android devices, this is the C2DM (Cloud to Device Messaging Framework) service, for mobile IOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad) devices, the APNS (Apple Notification Service). Both services are used with an API at Google’s respectively Apple’s servers.

The ABC SBC enables service providers to support mobile users using any SIP-based mobile VoIP application that supports the C2DM service on Android.

The ABC SBC implements the following features needed for supporting mobile subscribers:

  • Interface to the C2DM service for sending notifications to the subscribers
  • Playing music on hold or announcement to the callers to indicate that the call is in progress
  • Monitoring the registration state of users by subscribing to the registrar according to RFC3265 for the Event Package for Registrations defined in RFC3680.

Operators deploying the mobile subscriber support package of the ABC SBC increase their target customers to include mobile users. Mobile users can subscribe to any VoIP provider deploying the FRAFOS solution and use their preferred VoIP mobile application.