Charging & Billing

The ABC SBC enables service providers to integrate their charging systems with the call processing infrastructure. The ABC SBC uses DIAMETER to inform the charging solutions whenever a call is to be started or terminated. The ABC SBC can also generate CDRs that describe the entire call. Such CDRs include the starting and end points of the call, the participating users and the used media. The exact content of the CDRs can be further customized to meet the exact requirements of the operator’s charging systems.

To support pre-paid services, the ABC SBC acts as a policy enforcement point. Only subscribers with sufficient funds are allowed to make calls. In case a subscriber’s funds have been consumed the on-line charging system instructs the ABC SBC to terminate the subscriber’s active calls.

By using a combination of the announcement and charging capabilities, the ABC SBC can generate an announcement to the subscriber indicating that the subscriber does not have sufficient funds and asks the subscriber whether he would like to upload new funds. Using DTMF tones, the subscriber can accept or reject.  In case the subscriber decides to upload funds, the caller gets connected with an application server that provides credit card processing for example.

The ABC SBC provides flexible means for an easy integration of charging and session control:

  • CDR generation
  • Policy enforcement
  • Announcement
  • DTMD handling
  • Call termination
  • Open interfaces