Border Control

One of the most widely observed fraud scenarios is the case of a malicious user detecting the address of a PSTN gateway and accessing that gateway directly. Once the attacker has managed to access the gateway the attacker can start selling telephony minutes through that gateway.

The ABC SBC establishes a secure border between the service provider’s core VoIP components–e.g., PSTN gateway, SIP proxy and application servers- and the subscribers. As the border element, the ABC SBC hides the details of the operator’s network from subscribers and absorbs any attacks and sudden spikes in the subscriber traffic. Further, the mediation features of the ABC SBC shield the operator’s network from malfunctioning user agents and any interoperability issues.

The ABC SBC offers the following features for supporting secure network borders:

  • Topology hiding
  • NAT traversal
  • Traffic limitation
  • Content filtering
  • DoS protection
  • Media access control
  • Fraud prevention
  • Announcement and recording
  • Interoperability mediation
  • TCP/UDP translation
  • IPv4/IPv4 translation
  • Capacity of 7000 simultaneous calls