WebRTC as a Service

As an application, WebRTC offers enterprises a great deal such as lower costs on secure communication and toll free numbers and a better user experience by integration video, messaging and voice with any web based services. However, WebRTC has much more to offer, especially for service providers. Besides offering a telephony service to end customers, service providers can also offer WebRTC as a service and provide enterprises a hosted WebRTC to SIP service. The ABC WebRTC gateway can be used by service providers to either offer support for mobile telephony and hosted services as well as a cloud service:

  • Mobile Telephony: Enable users to access their VoIP service while on the go without specialised applications.
  • Hosted Services: By deploying a WebRTC gateway end users would be able to access the SIP based hosted PBX and call centers without the need to change these services.
  • WebRTC as a Service: By offering WebRTC as a service, a service provider the WebRTC gateway for the enterprises. WebRTC calls destined to the enterprise are handled by the WebRTC gateway of the service provider. Incoming WebRTC calls would be translated into SIP calls and routed to the enterprise. The enterprise would not have to change anything in its infrastructure, as it will still be only handling SIP calls


Check the ABC WebRTC Gateway for more information