Flexible Trunking

Enterprises are increasingly replacing their PBXs with VoIP PBX or are extending their PXB with a VoIP module to benefit from attractive VoIP minute prices. To achieve the most out of the migration to VoIP technology enterprises require flexible and efficient session border controller.s The ABC SBC assists enterprises with the migration to VoIP by offering a flexible trunking solution that secures the access to the PBX as well as the communication to the VoIP service provider.

The ABC SBC enables enterprises to migrate to VoIP by offering:

  • Secure SIP trunks using TLS and IPSEC
  • Per trunk profiles: Establish trunks with different VoIP service providers. For each trunk a profile is configured that determines what transport protocol and security mechanisms to use.
  • Interoperability mediation
  • TCP/UDP translation
  • IPv4/IPv4 translation
  • Capacity of 7000 simultaneous calls
  • Software-based transcoding