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FRAFOS ABC Session Border Controller adds support for Amazon Chime Voice Connector

BERLIN, May 15, 2019  – FRAFOS GmbH today announced support for Amazon Chime Voice Connector on its ABC Session Border Controllers (SBCs) products. FRAFOS SBCs help Enterprises implement cost-effective, scalable Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking services while leveraging the security and flexibility of AWS. When combined with the Amazon Chime Voice Connector, customers can save up to 50% on their voice calling costs for their on-premises phone system with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Traditional SBCs require capital expenditures and complex hardware setup. FRAFOS makes it easy for customers to deploy an SBC in the AWS cloud with pre-configured Cloud Formation templates. With a few clicks, customers can set-up, test, and consume SIP trunking services from their on-premises phone system.

“Our successful interoperability testing with the FRAFOS ABC Session Border Controller gives customers the best of both worlds…” said Sid Rao GM of Amazon Chime. “They get a low-cost, easy-to-use SBC combined with a secure, AWS SIP trunking service.”

“The appeal of the Frafos SBC integrated in AWS is that complex services can be launched within minutes.” said Frafos CEO, Rick Kuhlbars. “With Amazon Chime Voice Connector, we gain the low-cost PSTN connectivity that our customers are asking for.”

To learn more about the FRAFOS ABC SBC and Amazon Chime Voice Connector and the please visit: and

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Frafos, +493057706930

AWS to Showcase its AI Services using Frafos Session Border Controller at re-invent 

AWS showcases its AI Services and how they integrate with VoIP using FRAFOS’ Session Border Controller (SBC) at the AWS re-invent trade-show end of November.

Online PR News – 13-November-2018 – Berlin – FRAFOS announced today AWS would showcase its Artificial Intelligence Services and how they integrate with VoIP using the FRAFOS Session Border Controller (SBC) at the AWS re-invent trade-show end of November.

As the first available SBC on the AWS Marketplace FRAFOS takes it one step further by fully integrating AWS’ artificial intelligence services.

A stable and secure Session Border Controller has long been a key infrastructural element for securing VoIP networks. Within a cloud environment, the role of the SBC becomes even more critical: it must deal with increasing number of security attacks and integrate VoIP with native cloud services including orchestration, autoscaling, lambda functions and AI services.

From the start, the FRAFOS ABC SBC has been designed to comply with the most stringent enterprise and service providers cloud requirements. Besides featuring a market leading rules engine, making interconnection and SIP trunking a breeze, the heartbeat of FRAFOS’ product portfolio is provided by our monitoring solution: the ABC monitor. The Monitor generates key visual and tactical information on your SIP session activities as input to develop and deploy effective network planning and fraud prevention strategies. Now, as the first available SBC on the AWS Marketplace, FRAFOS takes it one step further by fully integrating AWS’ artificial intelligence services.

Please join us on November the 26th when integration of VoIP with AWS AI services is shown in telecom track session TLC 302. The demonstrated use cases include using the ABC monitor to secure access to VoIP cloud, track voice conversions and transcribe speech-to-text using AWS artificial intelligence services.

You can also visit our SBC Page on AWS Marketplace at and our online Hand-on AWS Labs at

FRAFOS’s ABC Session Border Controller Now Available on AWS Marketplace

BERLIN — Nov 24, 2017 – FRAFOS GmbH announced today the availability of its award-winning ABC Session Border Controller (SBC) and WebRTC gateway on AWS Marketplace. With only a few clicks, Amazon Web Services (AWS) users can provide additional protection to their VoIP infrastructure from attacks, enhance an existing SIP service with WebRTC browser telephony and secure their interconnection to other third-party SIP services, such as PSTN trunking or conferencing. Using FRAFOS’ extensive and flexible rule-based SIP routing and security policies, AWS users can customize the ABC SBC gateways according to their specific needs and usage scenarios.

AWS Marketplace deployment scenarios using the FRAFOS ABC will be demonstrated at AWS re:Invent 2017 on November the 29th in a dedicated speaking session. 

“Organizations are looking to move their VoIP solutions to the cloud,” said Rick Kuhlbars, CEO at FRAFOS GmbH. “With the availability of ABC SBC and WebRTC Gateway on AWS Marketplace, customers can experience a highly secure, cloud-based VoIP solution within minutes. Further, with the WebRTC capabilities of the ABC SBC, AWS customers can easily enable support for browser telephony. At FRAFOS, we realize that a fully secured service must include continuous auditing capability. Therefore, the FRAFOS ABC Monitor is available on AWS Marketplace at no cost. The Monitor offers extensive monitoring capabilities that provide direct insight into encrypted traffic, SBC logic, operational analysis and performance reporting.”

“We’re excited to have FRAFOS ABC SBC and WebRTC gateway now available on AWS Marketplace,” said Barry Russell, General Manager Worldwide Business Development, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “AWS customers are increasingly looking for additional protection from potential attacks to their VoIP infrastructure. With FRAFOS, the more than 160,000 active customers using software from AWS Marketplace are now able to connect cloud telephony with SIP on-premises equipment and third-party SIP services even more securely in just few minutes.”

AWS Marketplace is an online store that makes it easy for customers to find, compare, and immediately start using the software and services that they need to build products and run their businesses. AWS customers can use the Marketplace’s 1-Click deployment to quickly launch pre-configured software and pay only for what they use, by the hour or month. AWS handles billing and payments, and software charges appear on customers’ AWS bill.

Additional information about implementing WebRTC using the FRAFOS SBC on AWS Marketplace is available at and on the FRAFOS site

Frafos completed interop testing with Apple’s Safari

Berlin, Germany, June 12th, 2017: Frafos GmbH today announces completion of its interoperability tests between Apple’s Safari webrtc and Frafos WebRTC SIP gateway. WebRTC is a standard for browser telephony used mostly for integration of call centers, online conferencing and click-to-dial customer care applications. WebRTC has been available in modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Opera and is used by many applications such as Google Hangouts and Amazon Connect. Since the last week, WebRTC is also supported by Apple’s experimental release of Safari browser. See the Apple announcement under the following link: 

Frafos CEO, Rick Kuhlbars, said: “WebRTC has made it incredibly easy to add voice interaction to web applications. It is not just that: web telephony uses browser encryption standard meaning that companies can communicate with their customers more securely than before in the whole telephony’s history. Apple users can now easily access WebRTC applications, and through Frafos SIP gateway SIP and PSTN equipment as well”.


For more information on Frafos WebRTC products and how they are used see the WebRTC SIP gateway product page and the RTC trial page

FRAFOS’ ABC SBC and WebRTC Gateway version 3.3 brings advanced security and interoperability to VoIP networks.

Berlin, Germany, June 08, 2016: FRAFOS GmbH today announced the general availability of their ABC SBC and WebRTC Gateway 3.3 platform with performance enhancements, advanced security features, interoperability and network visibility capabilities. Key features include intelligent protection against Denial of Service (DoS), failover routing, extended SDP/SRTP header format support and an update to the latest WebRTC standard advancements.

“With our latest release FRAFOS is further improving our already field-tested product. As always, we have not only aimed at adding new features but also complying to our customer’s need to improve interoperability between the “corner case” standards of different vendor implementations.” said Rick Kuhlbars, CEO, FRAFOS

Security, Interoperability and Configuration functionality are significantly improved by:

  • Protection against Denial of service attacks: The ABC SBC dynamically detects anomalous behavior and blacklists sources that are classified as malicious.
  • Load balancing and failover routing: Besides the ability to route messages based on pre-defined tables and rules, the ABC SBC is capable of load balancing traffic among different servers, as well as detect the failure of a server and route traffic to an alternative destination.
  • Advanced interworking and interoperability for multi-vendor environments: With customers using a wide range of different SIP and WebRTC products, advanced SDP and SRTP header format configuration elevates the overall interoperability compliance.
  • WebRTC Update: Accommodates the latest standards releases.

eZuce Brings Virtual Session Border Controller to Enterprise Customers through Partnership with FRAFOS GmbH.

Berlin – March 31, 2016 – eZuce Inc., a leading provider of visual collaboration and unified communications (UC) solutions to higher education and research institutions worldwide, today announced that it has executed a partnership agreement with FRAFOS GmbH to certify, resell, implement and support software based Session Border Controllers (SBC) in support of their enterprise customers.

Networks supporting real-time communications such as voice, video and instant messaging are continuously evolving to remain efficient, drive down costs, increase scale and support innovative services.  The role of software based Session Border Controller technology is changing the way enterprises think about how to address their requirements. Key issues such as interoperability, security, advanced routing and session policy have been addressed by hardware based solutions for some time. The ability to leverage virtualization and cloud delivery in performing these critical SBC functions demands software based options. Additionally, the impact on cost-of-ownership is greatly enhanced by utilizing standards based servers or virtualization equipment and software based SBC solution to enable the simple and timely “right sizing” of licensing.

“We specify SBC technology into the vast majority of the systems that we provide to our enterprise customers”, said Jerry Stabile, CEO at eZuce. “Our unified communication and collaboration solutions offer the best price-performance in the industry and having the ability to offer a software based SBC only improves our value proposition.” The FRAFOS ABC SBC shares many of the architectural benefits of the eZuce Uniteme platform making design in options flexible and easy to deploy. “FRAFOS offers our Solutions Architects a broader design palate resulting in a better, more cost effective solution for our customers.”

“eZuce has demonstrated traction within enterprise accounts that require an open, software based unified communications platform”, stated Rick Kuhlbars CEO of FRAFOS. “Our ABC SBC is the newest generation of Session Border Controllers designed to perfectly complement this approach by taking advantage of virtualization to bring a flexible and highly cost effective solution to market”.

More information on pricing please contact us

About eZuce

eZuce is changing the way people collaborate within the enterprise. By emphasizing visual interaction, the human factor and user centricity, eZuce software and service solutions enable individuals and teams to collaborate on their terms.  eZuce OriginTM  is an open software platform that supports any end-user device while delivering virtually unlimited scalability, robust functionality and flexible cloud/on premise deployment options. Combined with an open-source economic model, Origin slashes both operating and capital expenses to deliver unprecedented value among enterprise-class visual collaboration and unified communications (UC) solutions.



FRAFOS GmbH was founded with the mission to develop the most flexible, scalable and interoperable Session Border Control (SBC) and WebRTC solutions available.  FRAFOS’ flagship product, the ABC SBC, provides all the advanced SIP management and security functionalities expected from a session border controller, but without the usual complexity. With its advanced rules engine and flexible configuration design the ABC SBC can comply with the most complex of network requirements. A recent key extension to FRAFOS portfolio is the performance management monitoring, which allows to extensively monitor the status of the complete SBC and WebRTC network.  FRAFOS GmbH provides both standalone and cloud-based versions of their products.

For more information contact:

eZuce: Amy Guerrera 978-296-1005 x 2016

FRAFOS: Rick Kuhlbars

Chrome deprecates using non secure web sockets.

Since a recent Chrome update it seems the scheme “ws://” has been deprecated to be allowed to use the getUserMedia() functions;
In order to configure the ABC WebRTC Gateway so a take this change into account the ABC WebRTC Gateway must be configures so as to use Secure WebSockets it must be activated as follows using the SBC GUI:
1- Go to: Config -> Global Config -> SSL
2- Activate the following option: “Use Secure WebSockets”
3- Provide the SSL certificate and private key.
3.1- “SSL certificate file” option
3.2- “SSL private key file” option

Rick Kuhlbars Joins FRAFOS as new CEO.

Berlin, Germany 1st October 2015  – FRAFOS ( an innovative developer of Session Border Control and WebRTC solutions, today announced that Rick Kuhlbars will join FRAFOS as the new CEO. Rick Kuhlbars comes to FRAFOS with over 25 years experience in the area of Telecommunications and Information Technology. Prior to FRAFOS GmbH Rick held an executive position at Anritsu where he was responsible for the Indirect Sales of monitoring and business analysis solutions internationally. He has also worked in a variety of successful sales and management positions at Tekelec and Alcatel USA/DSC.

“In the name of the FRAFOS team I would like to welcome Rick aboard. Rick brings in great experience in the telecom environment and is a great person to work with. I wish him and the FRAFOS team all the best” said Berthold Butscher, former CEO, FRAFOS. Berthold will be retiring after 45 years in the telecom business.


FRAFOS strengthens its relationship with ShoreTel and joins the ShoreTel Innovation Network.

FRAFOS  an innovative developer of Session Border Control and WebRTC solutions, today announced that it has further strengthened its relationship with ShoreTel, the provider of easy to deploy and scale telephony systems and unified communication solutions, to become a member of the ShoreTel Innovation Network.

The ShoreTel Innovation Network is a dedicated community of technology partners specially selected as having the knowledge and expertise to work in cooperation with ShoreTel to develop smarter solutions for unified communications and contact centres.

The FRAFOS ABC SBC is a highly flexible session border controller that protects enterprises and VoIP service providers deploying telephony services based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). With its out of the box support for WebRTC , cloud deployments and its open interfaces, the ABC SBC offers enterprises and VoIP service providers with the needed intelligence for integrating web applications and support customized solutions. A free trial is available under here.

The ABC SBC represents the next generation in border control. Beside its scalability and small footprint the ABC SBC integrates session border control features with media applications such as recording and announcement services.

“It is our great pleasure to accept the invitation to the ShoreTel Innovation Network. It’s important to us to enhance the trust of our customers by showing the interoperability of our products with a wide range of vendors. By partnering with ShoreTel, we are able to provide our clients with interoperable solutions that fit their business’ unique.” said Berthold Butscher, CEO, FRAFOS.

IT-Logiq of France and CTI-Pro of the Czech Republic become official partners of FRAFOS

BERLIN, Germany, May 11, 2015 – FRAFOS an innovative developer of Session Border Control and WebRTC solutions, today announced that IT-Logiq of France and CTI-Pro of the Czech Republic have agreed to become official resellers and integrators of FRAFOS products.

IT-Logiq is an independent integrator and reseller of turn-key telecom solutions.

CTI-PRO ltd. was founded as an independent distributor of telecommunication hardware and software. It orientates itself on central and eastern European markets.

“FRAFOS highly welcomes CTI-Pro and IP-Logiq as resellers and integrators of FRAFOS products.  Partnering with such reputable companies will allow FRAFOS to extend its scope and provide its customers with high quality local support and services.” said Berthold Butscher, CEO, FRAFOS.