The ABC SBC VM is designed to address the needs of operators and service providers planning to migrate their VoIP infrastructure to a cloud based solution. The ABC SBC VM integrates seamlessly session border control in an enterprise environment on top of the used VoIP solution platform.

The ABC SBC VM includes all the features of the ABC session border controller , however, it is delivered as a pre-installed VM or software package

The ABC SBC VM provides the following features:

  • Topology hiding and privacy control
  • SIP mediation
  • Transport mediation
  • Open charging interfaces
  • Session border control
  • Call routing; origin and destination based, least cost routing
  • Secure peering: Overload control, fraud detection, SLA monitoring
  • Open application programming interfaces
  • Hardware independent
  • Software based transcoding

On top of the ABC SBC VM, FRAFOS is offering a range of solutions:

  • Mobile subscriber support
  • Billing and charging
  • Application offloading