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Multibel deploys the FRAFOS ABC WebRTC Gateway for extending its alarming and emergency solutions with WebRTC capabilities

BERLIN, Germany, April 24, 2015 – FRAFOS an innovative developer of Session Border Control and WebRTC solutions, today announced that Multibel, a leading provider of alarming and emergency software solutions, has deployed the FRAFOS ABC WebRTC Gateway in order to enhance its current solution portfolio with WebRTC capabilities.

With its open interfaces and flexible architecture, the ABC WebRTC Gateway acts as a gateway between the worlds of VoIP and WebRTC. Beside the ability to translate between the protocols used in the two worlds, the ABC WebRTC Gateway provides enterprises and VoIP operators with the needed security and access control mechanisms as well as monitoring capabilities for optimally extending their VoIP services to include WebRTC applications in a secure and controllable manner.

“We are very excited about the Multibel deployment. Integrating WebRTC into specialized applications shows not only the wide applicability of this innovative technology but also the flexibility of the ABC WebRTC Gateway and its capability to satisfy the needs of diverse usage scenarios.” said Berthold Butscher, CEO, FRAFOS.

The ABC WebRTC Gateway is a highly flexible solution that combines high performance with a small footprint. With its out of the box support for cloud deployments and its open interfaces, the ABC WebRTC Gateway offers enterprises and service providers the needed intelligence for integrating web applications and support customized solutions.