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Redhat deploys FRAFOS SBC and WebRTC solution

Berlin, Germany — April 10, 2015: FRAFOS GmbH announced today, that the linux pioneer, Redhat (NYSE: RHT), has deployed FRAFOS Adaptive Border Controller, ABC-SBC. The ABC-SBC is helping to manage secured routing of video calls and inter-connects SIP devices, WebRTC browsers and third-party SIPs services.

FRAFOS CEO, Berthold Butscher, commented: “Adoption of FRAFOS linux-based technology by a technology savvy linux pioneer is quite a statement. At the same time it is not just the built-in functionality with which we win our customers: our long-term value proposition lies in rapid integration with the complex IT landscape. Virtualization and cloud computing makes growing deployments manageable in real time, RESTful interfaces in ABC-SBC allow for integration with existing web applications such as CRM or productivity applications.”

About Frafos GmbH

Frafos GmbH is provides Session Border Controllers and WebRTC servers, deployable on virtual machines, hardware and on top of different cloud technologies. The technology provides for safe and robust interconnection between SIP devices, PBXs, PSTN gateways and WebRTC. The product line is a serial industry award winner and has collected the 2015 WebRTC Product of the Year, 2014 Internet Telephony Product of the Year, and 2014 Red Herring Winner awards.