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Telio Telecom of Norway deploys the FRAFOS ABC SBC for securing and simplifying its VoIP service expansion.

BERLIN, Germany, March 15, 2015 – FRAFOS an innovative developer of Session Border Control and WebRTC solutions, today announced that Telio, a leading VoIP service provider in Scandinavia and the Netherlands, has deployed the FRAFOS ABC SBC in order to expand and simplify its VoIP network infrastructure and enhance its security.

The ABC SBC  is a highly flexible session border controller that protects VoIP service providers offering telephony services based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). With its out of the box support for WebRTC, cloud deployments and its open interfaces, the ABC SBC offers VoIP service providers the needed intelligence for integrating web applications and support customized solutions. A free trial is available

The ABC SBC represents the next generation in border control. Beside its scalability and small footprint the ABC SBC integrates session border control features with media applications such as recording and announcement services.

With its support for media services such as announcements and recording the ABC SBC reduces the load on and hence the costs of using VoIP application servers. Playing announcements like “Number not available in this network” or “Network currently overloaded” can be done already at the border of the network by the ABC SBC without having to route the call through the operator’s VoIP components. This not only reduces the load on the operator’s network but also simplifies the network structure and saves costs incurred by occupying expensive resources at the application servers.

“With the ABC SBC VoIP service providers and enterprises deploy a scalable session border controller that was designed to run on top of high end hardware as well as appliances and virtual machines.” said Berthold Butscher, CEO, FRAFOS.

Andreas Kaschner, Vice President Network Operations, Telio Telecom AS, said „ Stream lining call flows in a complex VoIP environment has always been an enormous challenge – with the ABC SBC we found a powerful and performant tool to help us to accomplish our goals in a tough market.”