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FRAFOS redefines the role of SBCs and adds announcements, recording and monitoring to the ABC SBC

10.11.2014, Berlin, Germany – FRAFOS announced today the release of the latest version of its award winning ABC session border controller.
With integrated announcements and recording services as well as elaborate monitoring and call tracing features, the ABC SBC 2.3 goes beyond what current session border controllers in the market offer.
With the announcements and recording applications, the ABC SBC reduces the load on and hence the costs of using VoIP application servers. Playing announcements like “Number not available in this network” or “Network currently overloaded” is done already at the border of the network by the ABC SBC without having to route the call through the operator’s VoIP components. This not only reduces the load on the operator’s network but also simplifies the network structure and the costs incurred by occupying expensive resources at the application servers.
The elaborate monitoring features of the ABC SBC enable operators to collect and display call traces and have a deeper insight of the status of their VoIP services. As one of the few components in the VoIP network that process both signaling and media traffic, session border controllers have a much deeper insight of what is going on in the network than any other VoIP component or even passive monitoring solutions. By placing the monitoring features directly on the border of the network, the operator can detect anomalies and collect load and performance information at the place where it hurts the most.
The ABC SBC is a carrier grade session border controller that provides SIP session control, border security and high availability and performance with an easy to use GUI-based management. With its out of the box support for cloud deployments, WebRTC and its open interfaces, the ABC SBC offers VoIP service providers the needed intelligence for protecting their networks and integrating web applications.
“Some features should be deployed at the place where they are most needed. Replying to a call with an announcement such as “Caller not found” or monitoring the status of active calls is best done at the border of the network. This way, the ABC SBC reduces unnecessary load on the internal components and provides the most accurate information.” said Berthold Butscher, CEO, FRAFOS.