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FRAFOS Presents its WebRTC Vision at WebRTC Paris 2013

11.12.2013, Paris, France – FRAFOS presents its vision about the integration of SIP and WebRTC at the WebRTC Conference 2013 in Paris.

With the WebRTC initiatives of the W3C and IETF standardisation groups browsers will not only be used by users to send and receive textual data but also real time audio and video content. This will allow web applications to natively integrate real-time media (audio and video) and hence increase the scope and possibilities of web applications considerably. In short, next time when we want to reach a phone number depicted in a web page we will no longer need to start a separate application or type the number in our phones.

In order to extend the reach of WebRTC application to VoIP and PSTN services close integration of both SIP and WebRTC technologies is needed.

The FRAFOS ABC session border controller (SBC) is a highly flexible session border controller that protects VoIP service providers offering telephony services based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). With its out of the box support for cloud deployments and its open interfaces, the ABC SBC offers VoIP service providers the needed intelligence for integrating web applications and powerful monitoring features.

With its open interfaces and flexible architecture, the ABC SBC is designated as a gateway between the worlds of VoIP and WebRTC. Beside the ability to translate between the protocols used in the two worlds, the ABC SBC provides VoIP operators with the needed security and access control mechanisms as well as monitoring capabilities for optimally extending the VoIP service to include WebRTC services in a secure and controllable manner.