5.1. Physical, System and SBC Interfaces

In the ABC SBC we distinguish between physical, system and SBC interfaces, see the Figure ABC SBC Interface defintion:

  • A physical interface is one of the network interfaces (cards) physically available on the system.

  • System interfaces is an interface mapped on one or more of the physical interfaces. A system interface can be a “simple” physical interface (e.g. “eth2”), a VLAN (e.g. “eth3.1”) or a bonded interface that is bound to two physical interfaces (e.g. “bond0” created by bonding “eth0” and “eth1” physical interface).

    For active/hot standby high-availability mode, it is highly recommended to use bonded interfaces with each physical interface connected to separate L2 switch to ensure reliable physical connections.

  • SBC interfaces: These are logical interfaces used by the ABC SBC in order to distinguish between management, signalling and media traffic.


Figure 1: ABC SBC Interface defintion

For the details on the configuring the interfaces see Section Interface Configuration.

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